Music For Dog People (1991)
01 Never Been To Spain (Hoyt Axton)
02 Doggy on the Roof (Buck Bradberry/Chris Holden)
03 Hello Mary Lou Goodbye Heart (Gene Pitney/Cayet Mangiarascina)
04 Fishin’ (Buck Bradberry)
05 Hope She Falls In Love (Phillip Lammonds)
06 Marie Laveau (Baxter Taylor/Shel Silverstein)
07 If I Had A Boat (Lyle Lovett)
08 I’m Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail (Karl Davis & Harty Taylor)
09 Creatures in My House (Buck Bradberry/Chris Holden)
10 Bill Bill (John W Schuessler)
11 Go and Say Goodbye (Stephen Stills)
12 Drifting Too Far From Shore (Traditional; arr. Blue Dogs)

Soul Dogfood (1993)
01 Midnight Highway (Gary Nicholson/Peter Rowan)
02 Cold Sheets of Rain (Randall Hylton)
03 Instant Armadillo Blues (John Dawson)
04 Morning Sky (Dan Fogelberg)
05 Monday Mountain Momma (Aaron Evans)
06 Cornbread (Buck Bradberry)
07 Tomato Talk (Henry Futch Sr.) spoken introduction
08 Homegrown Tomatoes (Guy Clark)
09 Sailin’ Shoes (Lowell T George; arr. Blue Dogs, inspired by Sam Bush)
10 Will It Go ‘Round in Circles (Bruce Fisher/Billy Preston)
11 Brick House (T.Mcclary/M.Williams/W.Orange/L.Richie/R.Lapread/W.King; arr. Blue Dogs)
12 Bird Talk (Buck Bradberry) spoken introduction
13 Birds (Buck Bradberry)
14 Devil in Disguise (Chris Hillman/Gram Parsons)
15 Bringing Mary Home (John Duffey, Joe Kingston, Chaw Mank)
16 Life’s Railway to Heaven (Traditional; arr. Blue Dogs)
17 Mighty Dark to Travel (Bill Monroe)

Live at the Dock Street Theatre (1995)
01 Introduction by Tommy Dew
02 River Material (Tommy Dew/Kevin Wadley)
03 Simple Complication (Phillip Lammonds)
04 Dark Hollow (Traditional; arr. Blue Dogs)
05 Fishin’ (Buck Bradberry)
06 De Doo Da Da (Phillip Lammonds)
07 Brown-Eyed Women (Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter)
08 Marie Laveau (Shel Silverstein/Baxter Taylor)
09 Muleskinner Blues (Jimmie Rodgers/George Vaughn)
10 Ten Degrees (Gordon Lightfoot)
11 I’ve Been To Memphis (Lyle Lovett)
12 Mighty Dark To Travel (Bill Monroe)
13 Creatures in My House (Buck Bradberry/Chris Holden)
14 Watchful Cow (Buck Bradberry/Chris Holden)
15 Rain King (Steve Bowman/David Bryson/Adam Duritz/Charles Gillingham/Mark Malley)
16 Life’s Railway to Heaven (Traditional; arr. Blue Dogs)
17 Sweet Heaven When I Die (Claude Grant)
Blue Dogs (1997)
1 Walter (Lammonds/Houck)
2 I’d Give Anything (Lammonds)
3 Long Gone Goodbye (Houck)
4 Walls Come Down (Lammonds/Houck)
5 Riverside (Houck/Lammonds)
6 Simple Complication (Lammonds)
7 Maria (Lammonds/Houck)
8 World Turns a Revolution (Lammonds/Houck)
9 Every Day (Houck)
10 Hope She Falls in Love (Lammonds)
11 You’re Not Alone (Lammonds)
For The Record (1999)
01 Hobo (Dew/Wadley)
02 Walter (Lammonds/Houck)
03 Maria (Lammonds/Houck)
04 All Of My Heroes (Kristian Bush)
05 I’d Give Anything (Lammonds)
06 Flyin’ (Stewart/Houck)
07 World Turns A Revolution (Lammonds/Houck)
08 Long Gone Goodbye (Houck)
09 She Belongs To Me (Dylan)
10 Brick House (T.Mcclary/M.Williams/W.Orange/L.Richie/R.Lapread/W.King; arr. Blue Dogs)
Letters From Round O (1999)
01 Isabelle (Lammonds/Houck)
02 Brand New Face (Stewart)
03 Sister (Houck/Lammonds)
04 Cousin Homer’s Anything Goes Dance Hall (Houck/Futch/Stewart/Nicholson/Lammonds)
05 What I Want (Lammonds/Houck)
06 Rainbows Over My Blues (Houck)
07 Carry Your Heart (Lammonds/Houck)
08 Pay The Man (Houck/Lammonds)
09 Skyline Dream (Futch/Houck/Stewart/Nicholson/Lammonds)
10 Bitter End (Houck/Futch/Stewart/Nicholson/Clifford)
11 Carolina Heartache (Houck)
Live at the Florence Little Theatre (2001)
1 Picture Show (John Prine)
2 Rainbows Over My Blues (Houck)
3 On the Road Again (Garcia/Weir/Lesh/Kreutzmann/Hart/Mydland)
4 Big Kitchen (Buck Bradberry)
5 Lazy Man (Buck Bradberry/Chris Holden)
6 Grandma’s A Stranger (Buck Bradberry)
7 Cold Sheets of Rain (Randall Hylton)
8 I’d Give Anything (Lammonds)
9 The Way Back/SUV Song (Lammonds)
10 Never Been to Spain (Hoyt Axton)
11 Walls Come Down (Houck/Lammonds)
12 All of My Heroes (Kristian Bush)
13 Make My Way (Doug Wanamaker)
14 Long Gone Goodbye (Houck)
15 Walter (Lammonds/Houck)
16 Instant Armadillo (John Dawson)
17 Hope She Falls in Love (Lammonds)
Halos and Good Buys (2004)
1 What’s Wrong With Love Songs (Radney Foster/Bobby Houck)
2 Wrong Love at the Right Time (Houck/Lammonds)
3 Mr Rain (Houck/Lammonds)
4 Janie and Me (Phillip Lammonds/Phillip White)
5 Half of My Mistakes (Radney Foster/Bobby Houck)
6 Make Your Mama Proud (Tony Haselden/Phillip White)
7 Four Winds (Patrick McDougal)
8 Cosmic Cowboy (Futch/Stewart)
9 Always As We Know It (Futch/Lammonds)
10 Your Sweet Love (Houck/Stewart/Futch/Walker)
11 Walter (Houck/Lammonds)
12 My Forever You (Houck/Stewart/Futch/Walker)
13 Baby’s Coming Home (Futch/Lammonds)
Live At The Workplay (2006)
1 Cosmic Cowboy (Futch/Stewart)
2 The Way Back (Lammonds)
3 Sister (Houck/Lammonds)
4 Missed It By A Mile (McDougal)
5 My Forever You (Houck/Futch/Walker/Stewart)
6 All About You (Munsey/Pfrimmer/Wells)
7 Always As We Know It (Futch/Lammonds)
8 Bill Bill (Schussler)
9 Half Of My Mistakes (Foster/Houck)
10 Children, Go Where I Send Thee (trad; arr. Futch)
11 Conversation With A Mule (Arthur Smith)
12 Baby’s Coming Home (Futch/Lammonds)
13 Make Your Mama Proud (Haselden/White)
14 LA County (Lovett)
15 Isabelle (Lammonds/Houck)
16 Your Sweet Love (Houck/Futch/Walker/Stewart)
17 Blue Canoe (Hudson/Stirratt)
Live at the House of Blues
1 Long Gone Goodbye
2 Isabelle
3 What's Wrong with Love Songs
4Make Your Mama Proud
5 Mr. Rain
6 Cosmic Cowboy
7 Way Back
8 Your Sweet Love
9 Janie and Me
10 Walter